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MAA English Bill

MAA English Bill

  • $123.65

Please Note:  This item ships in two boxes Like a surprising amount of historical battlefield items, the English Bill or "Bill Hook" owes its origins to agricultural use. This ancient forestry tool was used by peasants to hook creeping vines and hard-to-reach branches, clear foliage and - when necessary - even lop heavy limbs from trees. It didn't take much imagination to see the applications of this heavy duty tool. Its next incarnation, with its sharpened edges and hooking blades was fast, agile and ferocious. Our English Bill represents the highest quality battlefield evolution of this formidable tool. With a fully sharpened blade spike and hook, supported by an extra deep steel socket and our stout Boar Spear shaft.    Name:  MAA English Bill  Weight:  81.1 oz  Overall Length:  89 1/2"  Handle:  65" Ash Wood 

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