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Mr. Crappie® Slab Slinger, 6.5"

Mr. Crappie® Slab Slinger, 6.5"

  • $43.18

North America's best-known Crappie fisherman, Wally Marshall, has teamed up with Buck Knives to introduce the "Mr. Crappie by Buck Knives" line of products. The flexible trailing point blades feature a secondary piercing edge to maximize on fish processing and are enhanced with full tang construction. The tip edge makes it easier to poke through tough scales and the main edge is properly shaped for control and comfort while holding in multiple positions over long periods of time. Each knife comes with a rigid plastic sheath featuring built in drainage holes to minimize moisture buildup. BLADE SHAPE: Fillet BLADE LENGTH: 032: 4". 033: 6 1/2" WEIGHT: 032: 3.3 oz., 033: 3.5 oz. HANDLE: Nylon and tactile overmold CARRY SYSTEM: Sheath ORIGIN: Made In The USA

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