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Power Lock w/C-4 Spike - Black Oxide - Nylon Sheath

Power Lock w/C-4 Spike - Black Oxide - Nylon Sheath

  • $91.13

Welcome to the next generation of our best-selling PowerLock! Like the original, the newest generation includes patented gear driven Compound Leverage™, one-handed flip opening, a multitude of easy to access tools. New to this generation are several key features: First, a larger plier head with larger cutting surface... cutting with compound leverage just got better! Also notice a stream-lined look, thanks to gear covers for added comfort and safety. Lastly, we're introducing our very own locking mechanism, the Piano-Lock; For the first time, you can lock each component individually! Other new features now incorporated into all EOD PowerLocks are the addition of a hard wire cutter and a C-4 Punch (which is also useful as a marlin spike, tool scribe, and glass breaker). Comes in matte black finish for low reflectivity. Compound Leverage has become a SOG patented trademark for folding tools. With the same hand pressure you will generate twice the wire cutting and gripping power than all other conventional designs. SOG's Double Tooth Saw design is truly cutting edge! The alternating tooth design allows the saw to grip while at the same time reducing friction for optimal performance. No outdoorsman should go into the wild without it! Closed 4.6"  Open 7"  Weight 9.6 oz.  Head Type Needle Nose  Steel Stainless  Finish Black Oxide  Sheath Nylon Country of Origin Assembled in  the USA Component List: Pliers/gripper  Wire cutter  Foldable 1/4” socket drive  Partially Serrated knife blade  3-sided file  Double tooth saw  Phillips screwdriver  V-cutter  Small / Medium / Large screwdrivers  Can opener  Fuse Well Spike  Bottle opener  Ruler  Lanyard ring

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